The intellectual faculties contained the powers of perceiving, comparing, judging, reasoning, and generally being acquainted with the laws of the universe.

The cortical differentiation of specific human faculties was decisive for various attempts to expand brain research to a comprehensive human science.

They also managed to control the principal student unions of the individual faculties.

One's belief might be reliably formed, or formed by properly functioning cognitive faculties, or be indefeasible, or be formed in a non-misleading environment.

Now between the faculties of knowledge and desire stands the feeling of pleasure, just as judgement is intermediate between understanding and reason.

To see why this is so consider the case where you become convinced that your cognitive faculties are in systematic and serious error.

The faculty's expertise ranges from professional practice, to fundamental and applied research in building physics, to advanced computer modelling and simulation capabilities.

I made them easily, and concluded myself to be unimpaired in my faculties.

The separation of the sciences into professions and faculties is an anthropological one, and it is thus foreign to reality as such.

He believed that only very few men are gifted with intellectual faculties that can rise above mere passions.