SC/ST Caste Discrimination Complaints Form

SC/ST Caste Discrimination Complaints Form

Any kind of discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, religion, language, ethnicity, gender and disability (Under Prevention, Prohibition and Redresser) Act is strictly prohibited in Arya Mahila P.G. College of Science and Technology. AMPGC will be very sensitive while dealing with incidents of caste discrimination and a strict action will be taken against such cases.

The Officials/faculty members should also desist from any act of discrimination against SC/ST students on grounds of their social origin.

AMPGC has developed a page on their website for lodging such complaints of caste discrimination by SC/ST students.

AMPGC also ensures that no official/ faculty member indulge in any kind of discrimination against any community or category of students.

If any such incident comes to the notice of the authorities, strict action will be taken against the erring official/ faculty members promptly.

Action Taken Report will also be sent to AMPGC on the email:

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