Rules & Regulation

College dues will be charged as notified separately. If dues are not paid by the dates notified by the college, a fine for late payment will be charged at the rate of Rs. 15 per day .If the dues remain unpaid even 30 days after the due dates, the name of the student shall be struck off from the college rolls. Readmission is at the discretion of the Principal after clearance of arrears of fee and payment of readmission fee. Students, who remain absent for some reason or the other, should arrange to send their dues to the college office by the due date. Absence from the college will not be accepted as an excuse for nonpayment for dues.

Book Bank

1. Students who score 85 % marks and above in Board/Univ. Exam. are given books from the Book Bank. These books are to be returned to the library after the session is over.
2.This facility is given to the poor students also .
3. Students willing to avail the book bank facility will have to submit a form (available from the library), complete in all respects to the librarian .
4. The students who want to have a books from the Book-bank will have to appear for interview before a Library Committee.
5. The students ,failed or placed under compartment will not be entitled for Book- bank facility.
6. Book- Bank facility will be withdrawn in case a merit holder student fails to maintain her merit.