Yoga Classes

Yoga's a barometer for your life.

For those non-science majors out there, a barometer measures atmospheric pressure.

College students are under lots of pressure: we're expected to pump out 10-page papers in just a few hours, get good grades, have a social life, and make new friends from scratch ... all while learning to take care of ourselves - minds, bodies, and spirits - while on our own for the first time.

Yoga is a perfect barometer for college students because how we show up on our mats is an indication of how we show up in life. To create your own yoga barometer, decide on how often you'd like to practice. Make sure that the amount of time you dedicate aids in your overall well being!

Yoga makes you a better student.

There are now loads of studies showing that yoga greatly improves concentration. Concentration is a leading contributor to success in school because our ability to concentrate is akin to the ability to make the most of our education.

We have to concentrate in order to hold our balance in tree pose. We can take those skills of one-pointed focus off the mat as we learn to pay attention in the lecture hall.

Yoga provides insta-community.

If you're not part of Greek life or a sports team, it can be hard in college to find with whom you click. Yoga classes (or even just practicing with peers) is an organized, embodied activity that has an inherently communal feel because, as we practice, we feed off each other's energies, sharing the experience to make it stronger.