Research Cell

Research Cell

Research Cell of the Arya Mahia P.G. College was established in 2014 after procurement of Ph.D. Supervision facility to the faculty members of the college.  The Cell facilitates faculty members and research students to instigate research related activities by ensuring their research related requirements, whether it is financial requirements or the requirements based on academic assistance.   The Cell organizes seminars and workshops on research methodology, research paper writings and data analysis to make faculty members and research students aware to the recent emerging trends in epistemology in general and research methodology in particular. It also motivates faculty members and research students to publish their research articles in well-established and reputed journals and monitors in house publications.

          After receiving CPE (College with Potential for Excellence) from UGC, research Cell is actively involved in the process of monitoring of CPE funded short time research projects offered by the college to its faculty members with discussion and approval of Research Cell.

Constitution of Research Cell:

Patron: Professor Rachana Dubey (Principal)

Coordinator: Dr. Bhavana Trivedi


1. Dr. Namita Sinha
2Dr. Suchita Tripathi
3Dr. Annapurna Dixit