Discipline Committee

Objectives of Discipline Committee 

The purpose of this committee is to look after the problems face by the students of the institute. It is to maintain norms and decorum and to see that defaulters are treated fair and square. It is not only to solve the problems but to create awareness among the students on the importance of co-existing within the campus. The committee intends to provide a homely environment away from home. It is not to impose any sort of threat or create fear psychosis but to deliver a sense of security to the students.

The student is expected to maintain high standards of personal and professional behaviour in interactions with peers, members of the faculty and staff, and to follow college policies and procedures. Integrity is considered as an essential personal quality to be imbibed by everyone in the campus. Students are expected to abide by college, University, local, state, and central regulations and laws. Should concerns arise in any of these areas, the Committee may take appropriate decision on whether the student may continue in the institute.

The following members are hereby constituted as Discipline Committee for the students:-



        Designation         Department

Appointed as


Dr. VeenaSuman

 Assistant Professor Hindi



Dr. Namita Gupta

 Assistant Professor Economics



Dr.Anshul Jaiswal

 Assistant Professor Psychology



Dr. Asong pou

 Assistant Professor Philosophy



Dr. Meena Singh

 Assistant Professor Commerce



Miss. Anjali Rai

Student Representative                _

Law & Discipline


Miss. Namrata Singh

Student Representative                _

Hostel Development


The Committee will ensure discipline among students of the Institute and recommend the undersigned action to be taken for any kind of indiscipline created by the students.Additional work, if required in connection with discipline, may be assigned to the Committee by the college.In order to deal with the problems arising out of misconduct of students, conflicts/fights among individuals or groups, violation of rules with regard to ragging, smoking, drinking, indulging in drugs, teasing trespassing, thefts, misappropriation, misrepresentation of any kind are treated as disciplinary issues of very serious nature and will be dealt with accordingly.

Depending upon the severity of the act the penalty could be as under-

  • Report to Mentor
  • Probation (He/she may be allowed to attend the classes under close scrutiny by the mentor.
  • Fine
  • Restitution for the damage of the property
  • Suspension/Rustication from the College